About Us

What is Enthusiast Holidays?


Enthusiast Holidays is part of  trainseuropeLOGO, one of the largest wholesalers and retailers of European rail tickets and reservations in the UK, with its own website – www.trainseurope.co.uk Independent travellers may wish to know that Trainseurope Ltd. offers a full range of rail tickets and seat/couchette/sleeper reservations within Europe; rail passes (i.e. “Inter-rail Global” and “Inter-rail one country” passes, also many Ferries, but call Trainseurope Ltd. on 01354 660222 for more complex, or point-to-point journeys within Europe; also Swiss, Benelux, Italian, etc. etc. passes, and we can also get the unbelievable value USA railpasses. Trainseurope is based in March, Cambridgeshire (just a few steps from March railway station) but also has a desk at the East Midlands Trains travel centre at St. Pancras station, London.