BRAZIL October 8th – 24th

  • Duration: 17 days
  • Location:
  • Available Seat: Yes
  • Price: £4,350

Not an Enthusiast Holidays tour, but one which we were pleased to support because it was a virtual repeat of the tour operated very successfully by PTG in 2014; and also because it has been planned, and will be led, by our good friend and photographer Ray Schofield.

Over the years when genuine steam was operating in Brazil, many people like Ted Talbot, tried to persuade us to operate there, not only for the steam, but for the same reason many chaps would go regularly to Cuba. Those days of “real steam” have gone, but in fact Ray has managed to collect together in one tour, more locations of steam interest than ever existed in the “old days!”

I thought about going myself – sadly I was unable to do so, but having seen the resulting photographs I am very sorry I did not!